A Legacy of Light by Daniel Arenson


It is very dark, even in the more lighter moments.
Almost as if the author wanted to keep a tight-fisted hold on that cruel element in his fictitious world. At every turn despair, murder, rape, violence and degradation. No sunshine allowed through the darkened clouds or the shadows cast by majestic dragons.
However one could argue that it is the nature of the beast and that nature mirrors itself in the society built within the books. Often shapeshifters are portrayed with a more human than animal side. Arenson has chosen to do the opposite in my opinion. He lets the animal side rule instead but all whilst in human form.
That being said the characters weren’t given enough time to develop because of the focus on the dark side.
This is part of Myth, Magic and Majesty a box-set of Fantasy books.
I received a copy of this book courtesy of the author.


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