The Trigger by L.J. Sellers


For a Sellers it is a little on the weak side. I really enjoyed her  book The Gauntlet Assassin, which is complex and invigorating, so I know that she is capable of more as a writer.
It wasn’t the story per se, that is very in tune with society and the criminal threats of our era. It features fanatical survivalists and their plan to end the world sooner because according to them it is gonna happen anyway so why not make it happen quicker. Yeh, totally makes sense to a nutcase.
What didn’t gel well was a general implausibility of some of the scenarios and characters. Law enforcement in deep cover operations wouldn’t have any objects or info to identify them, such as the phones Dallas has or her computer with certain files. Breaking into those files would be simple for the IT specialists in the survivalist camp. Then it would be highly doubtful whether someone as unstable as Dallas would be allowed to do deep cover. Her psychological problems and therapeutic history would make her an invalid choice.
It is a quick read if you’re not bothered about accuracy and are more interested in a bit of fun in a read. Not up to the usual standards when it comes to her storytelling, but I wouldn’t let that deter anyone or myself from trying some of the authors other books.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.


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