Mom of the Year by Denise Pischinger

MOTY Cover Art - Final

There are times when your parent just doesn’t realize how their behaviour in public or in general can impact your life, as a child or even as an adult.Especially when your mother comes out with quips like ‘That thing looked like an anteater’ when talking about the crown jewels of some poor unsuspecting male. Then again that probably is the kind of thing my mother would say.’Sigh’

I feel for Janie, who has become the over-compensating mother, because her own was never present during her school years. The type that feels they have to attend every performance, every parent’s evening, be head of the PTA and be a shadow to their child during their time at school.
In this case Janie is so worried about being the most awesome parent that she forgets to be a mother to her child. She ends up doing the same thing to her child, as her own mother once did and has no idea she is doing it.
The story is fresh, comes with a lot of difficult home truths and filled with characters I am sure we can all identify with. It is food for thought wrapped in the guise of a quick fun read.
I received a copy of this book courtesy of the author.


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