Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews


If you bought the paperback version of Gunmetal Magic then you also enjoyed the extra bonus of the novella Magic Gifts, which is at the end of the book.
Gunmetal Magic veers slightly off track from the Kate books because the focus is on Andrea instead of Kate. Andrea is also the narrator of this book.
Fans will probably remember her from Magic Mourns and Magic Bleeds. She is a strong female lead with an attitude. Sounds a little like Kate? Indeed Andrea is a warrior who takes no prisoners when her loved ones are threatened.
I have to admit to wanting to know more about her and I think the Andrews might have chosen her as a possible spin-off series character. Perhaps they wanted to see how fans would react to a non-Kate lead in a book. I for one have always enjoyed the roughy toughy character of Andrea and how she interacts with Raphael, so I wouldn’t say no to a second book with Andrea as lead. I enjoyed how she came to her final decision about joining the bouda.
Apparently the authors have also said that something had to happen in this book that would prepare for an event in Kate 6. I would wager that has something to do with the Firsts element in the book.
As for Magic Gifts, well what can I say, as always it the Andrews at their best. I wonder if they exchange witty banter at each other from across the breakfast table.Perhaps that touch of realistic comfortable couple banter is what makes Kate and Curran so likeable. I know their interaction makes me chuckle.
Once again I cannot fault the Ilona Andrews team in their storytelling and great characters. Their books are always a great read.


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