Churchill Versus Hitler: War of Words by Peter John


I am not sure anyone can draw an accurate comparison in regards to which one of the two men is the better in a war of words, due to the fact that there is less documentation when it comes to Hitler. When Hitler spoke it was usually part of his Magnum Opus or propaganda spiel. I would also enter the argument that Churchill lived nearly four decades longer than Hitler, ergo had a lot more time to throw quips into the universe.
Churchill was known for his outlandish remarks and stubborn nature, something I believe many admired about him. Many believe he spoke spontaneously and I would venture that the man knew very well what to say to whom and when, even when it caused offense.
The author has gone to great pains and research to gather information on the verbal/written interactions between the two.
Personally I agree with the author that I would have been interested to see what either one of them would have done if they had access to the power of social media and the media of our day and age in general. A thought that it almost frightening when you think about what Hitler was able to do with just one country and the technology of the early 40’s behind him.
The same goes for the master manipulator of power Mr Churchill. In fact we are safe in the knowledge that some of the most powerful and dangerous men in history didn’t have the world media to use as they saw fit.
Then again we do have Putin.
I received a copy of this book via BR and courtesy of the author for my review.


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