Pawn by Aimée Carter


What if a number on the back of your neck determined the rest of your life?

Dystopian settings are all the rage at the moment, especially in combination with YA books. Hierarchical social systems vs survival has been done and done again.
However I have to admit to really liking the clever concept Carter has come up with. The reason I think it is clever is because it mirrors certain school systems in Europe. The number you are allocated determines the job you do and the life you are expected to live. No deviation from the route because the powers that be do not allow certain numbers to meld with others or rise above their number. The test you take determines which number and those with money skew the results by helping their children achieve higher results (tutoring).
Putting our own criteria of social systems and those who belong upon which level into a Dystopian setting is quite interesting. It should make us take a step back and ponder how barbaric and unjust our society is by showing it in the bright light of a new world setting. Kudos to the author for that.
Towards the second half the book seemed to fall into the gaping hole of ‘the audience expects this’ YA plots. It became very flighty, bubbly and sped along twice as quickly as before. I was a little disappointed, especially after such a strong start.
I would like to see the author develop the anti-voice more, the element of dissent and the voice of the people rising up against the system.
On a more personal note, how small and rubbery is Kitty if she can fit in all the vents? It looks like she could give Plastic Man a run for his money.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.


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