Darkness Splintered by Keri Arthur

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Who exactly has the keys now?

This is the sixth book in the Riley Jenson spin-off, which features her niece Risa. If you want to catch up the series starts with this book: Darkness Unbound (Dark Angels).
For a story this far into the series it still has a lot of oomph and many paths to travel. Arthur has once again managed to create a spunky female lead, who tends to speak before she thinks and act before she realizes the consequences of her actions.
After one of her many act first think later actions she finds herself without Azriel and like a cat with zero lives left.
The keys, the ominous keys and the gazillion people who want the keys.
I do hope Risa has thought the whole handing the key over scenario through. At this point in time she is stuck in a hard place with no room for movement.
I wasn’t very keen on the rape and impregnate sub-plot from the last book. Not all bad guys need to want to sow their zealous seeds and get women up the duff to execute their plans for global domination. Some of them just send a box of chocs and flowers. Risa might want to think about her choice in men. At least Azriel seems to be less shady than previous beaus.
Although the main goal was to find out where the keys are the story seemed to veer off that topic slightly. It became more about the relationship between Risa and her lover. It also focused on Hunter and her need for complete control.
I think the next book will probably find Hunter and Risa going head to head in an attempt to keep Hunter from accomplishing her main objective. Complete control.
I received a copy of this book via Netgalley.


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