After the Party by Jackie Braun


Ella is a free spirit, who has had to learn to readjust after her wealthy family is involved in a financial scandal. As if that wasn’t enough she also has to deal with a vindictive stepmother and stepsister. Cue the Cinderella song.
Whilst struggling to carve out a new career for herself she meets Chase, a handsome yet slightly grumpy young man, who has a thing about tight fitting zebra striped skirts. Poor lad, must be painful.
The two of them are united in their compassion and care for Uncle Elliot the confused old toy-maker.
What struck me most about Ella was her strength of will. No matter what the obstacle she is ready to get on with it. She refuses to let life or other people take her down.If she gets kicked she gets right back up again for the next round.
Chase is aware of her fighting spirit and yet he still steps in automatically to protect her, even before there is any kind of relationship between them. Subconsciously he is already aware that he wants her even before he has acknowledged it consciously.
Together their story makes for brief sweet read.
I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and Mills&Boon.


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