Ghosts of the past disrupt the future…

The Reunion LieThe Reunion Lie by Lucy King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The best thing about a Mills & Boon book is the fact it is a quick door into a literary escape with just the right amount of drama, sorrow and heart-wrenching moments of passion. A bit like eating a strawberry cream from a tin of Quality Streets.The moment of anticipation before you pop it in your mouth is only exceeded by the yummy texture of chocolatey strawberryness.
Mills & boon is always good for a quick fix of escapism.
Enter the main character Zoe, a successful businesswoman who is still haunted by her high school bullies. She is so intimidated by past memories that she decides to go to her high school reunion and on a whim to make up a mythical boyfriend. Said mythical creature becomes a reality when she panics and ropes in the next available hunk to pull off her scam. So begins both a comedy of errors and meeting of spirits that one can only call fate.
As a character Zoe was terribly insecure and it is horrendous to think that victims of bullying are so scarred that their lives are ruled in a subconscious way by events that took place so long ago. That they are unable to get closure and move on from it. Reunions are a hot topic where this is concerned. Everyone feels the need to shine brighter than others and instead of embracing the lives of past classmates they would rather seek out the weaknesses. Good times, I think not.
This story is about overcoming insecurity, doubt and not judging every person through the frame of reference of past relationships.
I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and Mills&Boon.

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