Ambitious time-hopping paranormal fantasy with plenty of romantic romps

Forged in Dreams and Magick (Highland Legends, #1)Forged in Dreams and Magick by Kat Bastion
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Erm where to start?
Not sure what to think of a heroine that goes from being a blushing virgin to getting it six ways and sundry from multiple men in different eras, and all in the spate of a few weeks. Then the fact she thinks nothing of swapping and changing the men like her daily knickers. The men, who are both strong warriors are quite happy with their wife/girlfriend disappearing to boink another man for a few months and then coming back to them for some nookie. You would think they would at the very least complain just a bit.
Isa only looks out for her needs and her needs are great. The steamy scenes are hot and plentiful, although I found some of the descriptions of said interludes were often a wee bit over the top.
She interferes during her time with the Picts by revealing details that could change events that are yet to unfold. I didn’t understand why she felt the need to do so. She comes from the 21st century so she must realise what her meddling could do. She is very much into herself and not really a heroine that pulls the heartstrings.
Just when the whole time-hopping back and forth gets a little boring the author introduces a new element of the winged variety and that’s when things get really off the wall.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley. Forged in Dreams and Magick by Kat Bastion is on Cheryl M-M’s read shelf. Cheryl M-M gave this book 3 stars

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