The Quarrelsome Twosome

Chasing the Shadows: Nikki and Michael Book 3Chasing the Shadows: Nikki and Michael Book 3 by Keri Arthur
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sheesh how much can one paranormal couple argue? That’s all Nikki and Michael seem to do.
Get lovey-dovey, argue, get hot and passionate, then argue and so on. Time they both started acting like the adult and ancient vamp they are and stop going all hissy-fit teenager on each other.
Handsome and hunky or not I would find it extremely tiresome if my boyfriend the vampire flounced like a barbie on Red Bull all the time.
As for Nikki, it appears that she has the ability to pick up super powers like other people pick up drinks at happy hour. Somehow the link with Michael also means he is reaping the benefits of his connection with Nikki.
So cue the couple looking for a murderer and Nikki embracing her inner ghost whisperer.
Arthur dips her toes into the dramatic by getting rid of a character. Sometimes you gotta take a loss for the team to get the readers interested.
I still think her in series Full Moon Rising series is better, but this one is improving with each book.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.

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