A little dry for a Forsyth novel

The Kill ListThe Kill List by Frederick Forsyth
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It lacked the beautiful plotting and suspense building that Forsyth is usually known for.
It is jam packed full of facts about the machinations of the counter terrorism units, although one can clearly see that his heart beats fiercely for the British units. The last few chapters almost roar with male pride and Forsyth seems to come alive when he writes about those specific units.
Kudos to the author for not only fitting in the Somali pirates but also opening readers eyes to their ruthlessness. They always seem to be depicted in the media, as some sort of ill behaved Captain Sparrows getting their booty by kidnapping boats and people and holding them to ransom. That is some Hollywood fantasy though. The Somali pirates are murderers with financial connections to terrorist cells. They deal in weapons, currency, lives and the only thing that counts is screwing the West and making money.
I think the author is trying to appease his US audience with the overemphasis on the US concentrated plot. I think he writes his best when he writes with a focus on Brits.
There is little dialogue and a lot of facts. Full of dry descriptions and technical details, which kind of take the thrill out of the thriller.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.

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