The Blood of Christ takes on a whole new meaning in this book

Blood of the Lamb: A Novel of SecretsBlood of the Lamb: A Novel of Secrets by Sam Cabot
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Think Da Vinci Code with an essence of Urban Fantasy.
Except it has less action, lots of conflict of morality, debates on theology and who is or isn’t a mortal.
The strength of the book was the debate surrounding faith or questioning of faith and the preconceived ideas that are part and parcel of religious mantras.
I found it drawn out and slightly repetitive in many places.
The concept wasn’t exactly original but the humdinger in the closing chapter is bound to make some readers recoil at the blasphemy or ponder the possibilities (like myself).
Sometimes when there is a collaboration of authors, in this case S.J. Rozan and Carlos Dews, who create a story together the melding of the two or more distinct voices can be conducive to the creation. In this book that just wasn’t the case. It felt as if both were being so gracious to each other or they took turns creating chapters, that neither voice managed to leap out and grab my interest.
What could have been an exciting combination of secrets, treasure hunting and destruction of ancient beliefs, is instead a mediocre read with the occasional passable passage snapping for air.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.

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