A dip into the murky waters of horror and necromancy

Four Summoner's TalesFour Summoner’s Tales by Kelley Armstrong
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Four novella length tales with the same premise.
Anthologies are a great opportunity to discover writers. The reader gets a sense of their individual style and creativity. In essence it is like eating chocolates with unknown soft centres. You never know what you might bite into.
Suffer the Children by Kelley Armstrong
This story questions how far a person is willing to go to bring a loved one back from the dead. Is it worth any price or repercussion? This venture into horror was a little on the weak side. Armstrong is a strong UF writer, so I was surprised that her usual depth and talent wasn’t as evident in this case.
Pipers by Christopher Golden
A story of revenge and grief. Once again the readers is asked to reflect upon the lengths a person might take to retrieve a person they have lost. The element of mass or group persuasion during the decision making is interesting. The odd ode to the Hamelin Piper in connection with necromancy was an extremely clever idea.
A Bad Season for Necromancy by David Liss
I have to say there were parts of this story that I found more than just creepy. They were borderline over the top, hints of sadistic violence and necrophilia. This is the story that I felt was the darkest in terms of unsettling.
Alive Day by Jonathan Maberry
Is part of or an add-on to the Joe Ledger series by Maberry. It connects the dark secrets of occults and demons with the world of military warfare. In combat men are unaware of the dangers that may lurk behind each shadow and in that sense the author has combined his summoning to reflect the reality of war, the subconscious fears and the parallels to the unknown dark forces.
I received a copy of this book via Edelweiss courtesy of the publisher.

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