Times are a changing for Pierce..

PinkedPinked by J.C. Mells
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

To really understand Pinked I suggest reading Pierced and Escaped. Pierced is dark and gritty story told by Pierce herself and Escaped is the add-on novella telling the story from Oscar’s point of view.
Although the first two are told through the eyes of individual characters I was surprised that Mells chose to do the same thing in this book. Instead of leading us straight into the story following on from book 1 the author takes us back to the beginning. So we get all the info and scenes from the first book frm Balak’s point of view. The problem with that is the regurgitation of the same material, which was unique and obscure in Pierced but only mediocre in Pinked.
I know that this seems to be en-vogue in the YA and NA world of sub-genres at the moment. I have been critical of that type of storytelling before.I realise that more well-known YA/NA authors with huge fanbases are laying the groundwork with the fashionable variety, however in my personal opinion it doesn’t usually work. They are in essence re-telling the same story over and over again and not offering the reader any new insights.
It was to the detriment of this book.
Now and again there were glimpses of the gritty, deep and unusual voice that was evident in the first two books. More so in second half of the book, specifically in the last 20 percent and the superb prologue/opening scene with the rabid wolf. I saw the spark that attracted myself as a reader in the first place.
With that said I know Mells can pack a wicked punch and she is an author I want to continue to see honing her craft. Sometimes you need to trust your own gut instinct and own your ideas, concepts and creativity. I very much hope the author starts to channel that inner Pierce and her multitude of brilliant inner characters a wee bit more.
I received a copy of this book courtesy of the author.

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