Derek is always in trouble….the only thing that varies is how much trouble

Derek's in TroubleDerek’s in Trouble by Mac Black
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I would suggest reading Please… Call Me Derek
to get a better feel of the writing style and Derek’s story.
Actually based on the first chapter it might just be a good idea because of the completely bizarre situation the main character is in the middle of. You have to know Derek to understand why eccentric is the norm for him.
Black has a very distinctive style. The humour is quirky and often whimsical with an underlying wit.
Think on the lines of one man telling the story of his life in a low key satirical way.
The first book covers his childhood. This one is about his adult life and the beginning of his marriage.
The author has been honing his craft because this second book has more focus, better structure and the character have more depth.
It might not be every readers cup of tea, as I mentioned before the author has a very distinctive style. Black humour, taking the proverbial urine out of his character and the situations.
I received a copy of this book courtesy of the author.

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