Soapbox Saturday: The Author Who Cried Bully, and Few Heard the Truth

Concise and calm blog on the LaurenHowardPippaGate fiasco.

Writing through Rose Tinted Glasses

Hey guys, Rose here.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Soapbox Saturday entry, but it’s been a rather eventful week to say the least,  I have a headache just thinking about the current topic, because…this isn’t an easy topic to write on, but I”m going to give as even a presentation as my nerves can allow on this. I’m shaking at the thought of realizing everything that’s happened and the prejudgments and assuming tones that people have taken on regarding this case.  There are a lot of falsehoods running about and I want to set the record straight from what I’ve personally taken a few hours of my time to dig into what happened and approach it as someone who observed it from the outside of measures.

It might shock a few people at the title and notation, but this is pretty much an apt summary for what…

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