Hmm who chooses the mate? The girl or her wolf?

New Moon Summer (Seasons of the Moon: Cain Chronicles, #1)New Moon Summer by S.M. Reine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nice add-on novella to Six Moon Summer (#1) (Seasons of the Moon) and the first in the episodes to go along with series.
Long enough to pique interest in the Cain Chronicles but a little on the short side if you enjoy the way Reine spins a tale. (No pun intended)
If you have read the first book you will be aware of the romance between Rylie and Seth. In this book someone from the inner circle steps up as a possible new contender for the affections of the Alpha female.
The pack also has to contend with a new outside threat with a personal link to Rylie.
The author has a very specific way of treading the path of YA.
I hope she remembers to keep her own voice and not wander down well-trodden paths.

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