Bones of the Lost by Kathy Reichs

Bones of the Lost (Temperance Brennan #16)

Tempe treads the murky water of war and stolen people…

I enjoyed it.
The author has a very distinctive writing style, which admittedly can appear staccato-like in its simplicity in regards to sentences and structure. The storyline and flow of the plot make up for it though.

Reichs makes a bold and impassioned statement both politically and morally about the situation interwoven within the plot. It is done without overpowering any possible voices of dissent but in a way that makes her view on the war/conflict in question even clearer.

For a while I wondered how the storylines would link together to make sense. They do, although at times the author seemed to be reeling in fish that were very far away. Some of the sub-plots end up being nothing more than red herrings.

Now let’s discuss the woes of love a la Tempe. It is about time she got rid of Raggedy Andy Ryan and Permanent Pete. How about a new hunk to rock her bones? At the moment the most action she is getting is a quick high when Pete calls her sugar-something. He deserves nothing less than a thump in the head for talking to Tempe as if she is his personal candy cane.

Overall I thought it was a cracking read.

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