The prequel to Pierced…that should be read after Book 1

EscapedEscaped by J.C. Mells
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Add-on novella to the Pierced series. I would suggest reading Pierced (Book One of the Pierced Series) regardless of whether you do that before or after reading this novella.
This one depicts events that take place before Book 1 so in that sense it is a prequel, however from a pure plot and character point of view I would read it after.A prologue or short description to explain how the two books work hand in hand would perhaps be helpful for someone who hasn’t read the first book.
It gives us more insight into the characters of Oscar and Reyes the two people that help Pierce and Mia escape.
It was interesting to see Pierce from the outside and to experience her the way a stranger would. What seems the norm in Pierced is quite bizarre when seen through the eyes of another in
This is an author to watch out for. She has that knack that doesn’t come naturally to every writer.

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