Why a One-Star Review Should NOT be a Matter for the Police

A one star review isn’t bullying.

Tez Says

MONDAY 27 MAY, 8:40PM: EDITED TO ADD: In the post, I accidentally wrote Leicester Police. It should’ve read Lancashire Police. My sincerest apologies to Eve Thomas and the good people at both the Lancashire and Leicester Police for my error. I will strive to be more accurate from now on. I have now corrected the error in the text. Also, for more information, read Allow Me to Rectify…

One would think “a fierce supporter and campaigner for all abuse, domestic violence in particular” who wants to raise “awareness to the massive scale problem of not only domestic violence but all abuse and injustice” would know enough about what actually qualifies as real, criminal activity. But Eve Thomas is taking the case of a one-star review to the Lancashire Police. Because to her, a one-star review is abuse and injustice? As a survivor, she should know better.

The review in…

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