Being happy can just be so hard sometimes…

Faking It (Losing It, #2)Faking It by Cora Carmack
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The last few chapters are the saving grace of this book. They are emotional, honest and heartfelt. Starting from when Max and Cade head home to her family. Finally the author lets her emotive side shine with a lot more ferocity and the reader gets a good look of what hides behind the exterior of genre induced predictability.
Slap happy Max and holding out for heartbreak Cade meet per chance and the story evolves into their strange mating dance.
To be fair it is a sweet boy meets girl, girl has luggage and boy needs to open it up to help girl story. It is just a pity that the author uses a lot of popular clichés to get to the crescendo in the last quarter of the book. Going by that last part the author probably doesn’t need to rely on those crutches to hold up her story or to entice her readers to come back for more.
I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley.

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