Depending on which day you meet a Monster they might just be wearing Undies….or not

Do Monsters Wear Undies?Do Monsters Wear Undies? by Mark Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Do Monsters wear Undies?
Not really the first question that pops to mind when discussing the habits of monsters, but surely an important one.
In fact when you read this with your child or indeed if they read it alone you might be in for a surprise.
Apparently if one is a monster one only wears undies on specific days. I won’t tell you which days just in case you encounter one, that way it will be a complete surprise. Just like the very individual, fashionable and risque choice of underwear some of these monsters choose to wander round in.
Vivien Westwood has got nothing on these guys.
It is a fun, colourful children’s book suitable for reading age 6/7 or advanced readers. The pages have two sentences with rhymes, which I helps the children recognise similar sounds and words.
It does feature butt cracks of said Monsters but never in a non childlike way.
Clyde the purple monster is hidden on each page for the young reader to find.
My personal favourite is the small sluglike monster that looks like a zombie pear with a drooling problem. That tiny guy has a great sense of humour.
Overall this is an entertaining fun read I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

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