Two boys cemented together through time by the events of one sunny day

If I Close My Eyes NowIf I Close My Eyes Now by Edney Silvestre
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was an unexpected suprise, a pleasant one I might add.
It isn’t just a story of murder, deception,abuse, lies and corruption. It is also about the strong bonds of friendship between two young boys and how their bond remains like an uncut hidden cord over the length of time.
Intertwined between the events that unfold is the political history of Brazil. The author lets it stream seamlessly without letting any indication of political agenda overshadow the plot.
Anyone who knows a little of the 20th century machinations and connections of that country and era will be aware that it isn’t without contention. It does cast a shadow upon the country, one that lingers even today.
Then we have the old man the two boys more or less harass into listening to them. He plays a pivotal part in discovering the awful truth.
The ending was, well let’s just say it made my heart weep and I can’t say why, because it would spoil it for others.
Just one thing though the fate of one of the main characters remains unanswered and although I can imagine what happened (probably what the author intended) my inner detective would really like to know.
It is hard to describe just exactly what made this book such an outstanding read, maybe it was the combination of the right elements. Perhaps it is just simply the fact Silvestre is a very talented storyteller.
In the end it doesn’t matter why my inner bookworm is just glad I read it and so am I.
I don’t often recommend books, but I think this is a little gem that many might just discover and enjoy.
I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley.

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