Faith, love and trust are questioned in this story about polygamy and a cult…

Amity & Sorrow: A NovelAmity & Sorrow: A Novel by Peggy Riley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It is written in a way that I found quite annoying at first. Stunted, almost lacking in vocabulary and description. Then it becomes clear that we are listening to the voice of Amity for the majority of the book.
That writing became irrelevant after the first few pages. It is hard to explain, but despite the odd flow of language the story just drew me in. It was like a spider weaving an unorthodox web and enticing me to just read a little bit more.
I am not exactly sure if I will be able to pinpoint why but I really enjoyed this book.
Amity, her sister Sorrow and their mother have escaped the clutches of the man they call husband, father and God.
This is a story about the control of one man, his congregation of fifty wives and his subsequent children. This book looks Polygamy straight in the face and questions the validity of its existence in our day and age. It also takes a hard look at the fine line between religion and cult. How mere people elevate themselves to a higher sphere and equate themselves to God. Then as that ‘God’ they use their power to control, manipulate, harm and abuse those that want to believe in the higher power that walks upon earth.
Sorrow is a prime example and result of that abuse and I as reader often forgot to separate the madness from the clarity in her actions. A product of the abuse, the madness or perhaps a combination of everything.
We see Amity struggle with the abandonment of the rules and whilst part of her wants to ease her sisters pain the other part acknowledges how dangerous Sorrow has become.
Their complete ignorance of anything educational or basic social skills is just another example of how these type of cults breed their own disciples. They know nothing else.
I thoroughly enjoyed this very distinctive and memorable book.
I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley.

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