The Back Road by Rachel Abbott

the back road#Midsomer Murders meets dark stalker thriller.

It has the quaint feel of a crime in a village setting where everyone has their nose in your business. There is a layer of darkness spun by the psychological mind games played throughout the story.

Past secrets, rumours and suspicions of the present are cleverly intertwined to create a fast paced interesting read.
Sometimes it felt as if there were too many sub-plots and threads being played out at the same time, but the author managed to pull off the balancing act and bring it all together neatly in the end.

The constant harping on about Leo and her supposed hatred for men was a little over the top. I can absolutely understand why she might think that way but it was woven into a lot of conversations, which made the point seem completely redundant in regards to her past experience and at the same time it seemed like a taunt various characters were using.

Overall I can honestly say that since reading her first book that this author has honed her craft and it is evident in her work. It is both well written and well edited with a solid plot.
I really enjoyed it and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.
I received a free copy of this book for my review.

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