Code by Kathy Reichs and Brendan Reichs

Code (Virals, #3)Virally altered hybrid teens…

Put aside everything you know about K. Reichs previous books.
Don’t expect any typical crime solving Brennan and allow yourself to embrace her creativity in another genre. This is her third venture into the Viral series, a YA sci-fi story with Brennan’s great niece as the main character.

The target audience is pre-teen upwards and is obviously an attempt to win over the new generation of readers. I think it will do that quite successfully and if those readers end up reading her more adult books later on in life because they enjoyed her writing then mission accomplished.

Tory is very intelligent, dominant and brash. Very much like her mother I would say. The team of virally altered hybrid shifters is confronted with a villain playing a cat and mouse game. In a very Famous Five meets shifter a la Nancy Drew type of mystery solving plot with a load of science and fast paced storyline, this is bound to entertain younger readers.

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