Secret plays the Fae game and comes away with something she didn’t expect

Grave Secret (Secret McQueen, #5)Grave Secret by Sierra Dean
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Once again Dean has managed to pull the rabbit out the hat and create a superb read.
Although the book can be read as a stand-alone novel I would suggest reading the series, starting with Something Secret This Way Comes: Secret McQueen, even if only to acquaint yourselves with the talent of Dean.
When we left Sierra in the last book her world had come to crashing halt. Betrayed by one soulmate and discarded by another in this book she turns to the person always by her side.
I was a teeny bit on the fence about Holden. Yes he is fantastically handsome in all his rugged and witty vampireness, but it still feels like the ultimate betrayal to the two sexy furry pack members.
Secret finds a new talent in this book. Apparently she has the bargaining skills of a skilled litigator when it comes to the Fae or does she? Needless to say the Fae teach her a lesson about what is most important to her, a lesson she will never forget.
Overall I can only say it was a cracking read and the ending laid the framework for what promises to be another great book. Dean deserves to be up there with those ranked highest in the genre.

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