Not exactly Undead…just dead and and out for revenge…

MatadorMatador by Ray Banks
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book includes all of the Kindle episodes and is the completed novel.
Not sure if it was the writing style in general, but the story was often quite confusing. It was hard to determine the why, who or what in some of the scenes.
This may be due to the Brit gangsta like feel of the story, which would translate much better in a script or on screen. That is the charm of the noir like quality of said genre however it is hard to relate that same essence in a book. The result is often pandemonium if not done correctly.
Why the sudden reminiscence about the stolen children of Franco? Was that just to remind readers lest they forget or was there a deeper purpose with one of the characters in mind?
What I did like about the book was the concept of having a dead man as a main character, who is neither vampire nor zombie. Instead he has just decided to not be dead. Imagine being able to right some wrongs after someone has murdered you. I can see that catching on. Combine that with the short term memory of a superbly forgetful goldfish and you have a recipe for disaster. Who am I? Raf. Oh,ok. Who am I? Raf. Right no problem. Who am I…..
Overall the book could do with a lot more clarity, so the reader can better enjoy the interesting concept Banks has come up with.
I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley.

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