The Orc with no name..

DragonslayerDragonslayer by Casey Hollingshead
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Deep inside in the middle of this book full of descriptive prose, there is a story. It is a tad hard to find amongst all those non plot specific words.
The sentences are overstructured and there is too much description. That might sound odd, but the actual storyline is in danger of sinking into obscurity. It is beautiful, but superfluous and could do with an edit to make the plot more concrete and relatable.
What saved the story for me and also awakened my interest, was when the orc was taken prisoner. At last the reader is introduced to something that isn’t just the random building of word upon word.
The rape of Nane and the little boy, by the prisoners and the Orcs subsequent actions is what finally made this book click with me. The scenes with dialogue are a much better indication of the authors talent and the actual plot.
One of my favourite parts of the book is the scene with the trickster. It was extremely clever, especially in combination with the play on names.
I have to say after all that build up I was surprised and somewhat sad at the unresolved ending of two of the characters. What on earth happened to Nane and Thorsten? Possible sequel?
All in all a book that could be much better if edited down. I will be interested to see if the author tackles the Orc again and whether we will see a more plot defined book next time.
I received a free copy of this book for my review.

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