More a tale of turmoil, guilt and redemption, rather than a supernatural thriller…

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The main plot, which was supernatural , was all over the place. There were so many sub-plots and characters with their own stories that the seemed to be a lack of focus on the main story. Many of those character extras were superfluous to the story, for instance the police detective and his personal history.
Tortured with visions of impending deaths that never occur, whilst battling stalkers, wannabe lovers and existing lovers, the main character is torn between reality and the unexplained.
The relationships, both past and present, and the turmoil of emotions the main character goes through are the actual focus. For me the supernatural genre was lacking, although the ideas are clearly there and instead it was a book about inner angst, pain and redemption for past events. It felt as if the author had decided on one genre and then veered off into a completely different one.
I received a free copy of this book for my review.

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