The Prophet, Graveyard Queen 3….is back on track

The Prophet (Graveyard Queen #3)The Prophet by Amanda Stevens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The third Graveyard Queen goes back to the intial route of the first book. The second seemed to veer off-track, whilst explaining the main characters heritage and it lacked the gothic ghouly feel of the first. It did however gives us Angus, who became a major player without even speaking a word.
Amelia is back home and is starting to suffer the physical and mental consequences of breaking all the rules.
I would just like to mention once again that the main character always does what she has been told not to do. She is the type of woman that hears the scary music and still goes down in the basement/cellar to check out which serial killer made a noise.She also hides in bushes a lot.
Amelia is asked to solve a murder, which is fine except for the fact that the person asking is a ghost. Fremont, who appeared in book one plays an important role in Devlin ghosts storyline.
I like the series. The author manages to create a ghoulish dark atmosphere without resorting to overkill. The importance lies on scene setting rather than action. The intricate decriptions of each location results in vivid imagery.
There is a great balance between the romantic sub-plot and the main story. The romance is low key, subtle and most importantly doesn’t take over the interesting ghouly parts.
I think this author is one to watch out for in the paranormal genre.

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