Graveyard Queen 2 goes a little off the path…

The Kingdom (Graveyard Queen #2)The Kingdom by Amanda Stevens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I felt as if this second offering of the Graveyard Queen went in a completely different direction. The focus was on Amelia and the secrets her family has been keeping from her.
I thought the first book ‘The Restorer’ had a better balance between her job and her identity.
I was also slightly disappointed by the fact that Amelia just can’t help but throw herself on the first handsome male she meets. Before you know it she is hoisting her skirts, shredding her knickers and doing the horizontal tango with some other man. Where is her loyalty to tortured doe-eyed Devlin?
A big bonus was the new character Angus, an abused and neglected mutt. I can see him quickly becoming a favourite with readers.
The last few chapters became a crescendo of sub-plots melding into one gigantic Macbethian cauldron. Less would have perhaps been more. The reader is left with an strange ending and a demand that I hope will not lead the next book into the world of Harlequinesque romance plots. Arrgh, that would just ruin a decent gothic ghouly paranormal ghost series

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