Morgarten (The Forest Knights, #2)Morgarten by J.K. Swift
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Once again Swift has delivered a great reading experience. This sequel to ALTDORF (The Forest Knights} picks up where we left the main characters at the end of book one.
Set in medieval times with a great balance between fiction and historical fact, this book certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to keeping the reader interested and involved in the story.
It was intrigueing to see the way the romantic triangle evolved, only to come to sudden halt, due to certain visions and misinterpreted dreams. Going by the ending it must mean there is a third part on the way, I can only hope so.
Kudos to the author for Pirmin’s special ending or closure. It was sincere and warm without being overly dramatic.
As always the tale flowed smoothly with solid characters and realistic scenarios. The story links back once or twice to remind us exactly where and who the Swyzer children were and the adults they have become. Bonded by mutual pain, suffering and warfare. They still stand as one.

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